Come to Action Event
"Election 2020
Answers for Issues Related to Common Good"
Point-Counterpoint Discussion
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm



Local Issues

Indivisible Huron Valley Framing Workshop is writing the reasons we support Public Education. 

OAKLAND COUNTY: Speak Up for Safe Drinking Water in Michigan!

Learn More about Public Education in Michigan here:

Public Education Issues in Michigan

Support Gov Whitmer's Budget Proposal To Increase School Funding

Support Michigan’s Schools: Tell Lansing to support Governor Whitmer's Weighted Funding Formula

Tell the Michigan GOP Leadership to Reject Inadequate and Harmful Road Funding in 2020 Budget That Could effect Public School Funding!

Michigan Legislature Issues

Tell your state legislature to protect Michigan families and support HB 4497 and HB 4498

Oppose Anti-Abortion Petitions in Michigan

Tell the Republican Leadership in Lansing: Do not cut the SOS budget to fund the Proposal 2 Citizens Commission

National Issues

Gun Safety:
Demand Passing of the
Violence Against Women Act:  

Tell Congress: Ban Fracking

Tell Congress: Support Environmentally Responsible Funding

Good environmental funding bills are being considered by the full U.S. House as soon as this week. The bills restore responsible investments in the EPA, Department of the Interior, and programs that protect clean air, clean water, wildlife, and public health.

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