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Postcards/Letters to Voters

Blue Ribbon Candidates 

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Karen has postcards available.  You can help her get elected in November by handwriting a handful or hundreds of cards. 


To obtain cards email Karen at

Get Out the Vote

New MI Voter Laws
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Connect with voters to inform them of the New MI Voting Laws where every citizen can now Register Online and Vote at Home.​   Encourage people to vote by providing them information on voter registration, obtaining an absentee ballot, and on ballot issues and candidates.

Postcards to Voters

New MI Voter Laws

Voter Registration Committee has packets of 20 postcards to be picked up at a private residence in 5 communities (Commerce, Highland, Troy, Birmingham, and Warren).  Each packet contains blank postcards, and instructions including the script. You may use your personal contact list or request a list reaching underserved areas in Southeastern Michigan


To start writing postcards contact for the distributor's contact information and address.

Volunteers are asked to send the postcards via US Mail on September 8, 2020 (Not any sooner or later.) Assistance is available for postage. Please speak with a distributor.

Postcards to MI

Postcards to MI


Help write 1 million postcards to voters in Michigan for the Nov 3 election! We'll increase turnout by 20,000+ among voters who share our values & encourage mail-in ballots at the same time!

Write 20 postcards:  Indivisible Huron Valley has made available packets of 20 postcards to be picked up at a private residence in Milford on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am-8:00pm. Each packet contains blank postcards, instructions including the script and addresses to voters in MI.


For the address please email

Write 200 or more postcards:  Postcards to Swing States will mail a minimum of 200 blank cards to your home.

To order your own postcards and for more information about the project:

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