Here's What Indivisible Huron Valley Says About Public Education

"All children deserve the right to attend school in a safe environment.  Our state law provides for this through the passage of bonds.  The bond proposal this fall will continue funding already in place at no additional cost to taxpayers.  In order to make our schools safe of our children we need to support this proposal." - Anonymous

"I believe in investing in our Huron Valley Schools to replace the bond that has run out. This bond will make many improvements such as structural security to EVERY school in the district. 
For the common good we all want safe schools, so vote YES on the bond November 5th. 
Remember good schools draw families, creating a good economy for our district, and help to retain the value of everyone's homes. 
Bottom line: we get what we vote for, vote YES to replace the bond with no new school taxes." - MEC

"Allowing our children to have the technology necessary to allow them to be competitive with students in surrounding districts."

"I believe good public schools are the core of a community.  I grew up in Detroit and watched how the deterioration of the schools led to the deterioration of the community as families moved out of the community seeking better schools for their children.  Improved school funding (or bond) will help make our schools competitive with surrounding districts and will improve the housing market in our community." - LE

"Good Public Education is good for business interests. When corporations are looking to invest in Michigan they don't want to setup here because our public schools are rated so low. We need to pass this Huron Valley Bond but we also need to raise the revenue to support Public Education for all children in Michigan so working people will want to be here and raise their children." - CL